About Wicked Park Vapors

Wicked Park Vapors is a locally owned and operated vape shop providing the highest quality in electronic cigarettes, vaping supplies, and accessories including American made organic liquids in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths.Wicked Park Vapors strives to provide the highest quality customer service and vaping experience possible.Come visit Wicked Park Vapors so we can customize the best eCig solution for your needs.

Choosing the Right eCig

Whichever eCig style you decide to go with, we advise that you have at least two batteries, two tanks (clearomizers), a charger, and at least 10ml of eJuice to start with. There are a couple of things to consider when you are making your choice.

  • How many packs of cigarettes do you smoke per day?
  • Does the size of the eCig matter to you?


If you smoke 1½ packs or more each day, we would recommend that you go with our eGo series. There are many different styles, and designs to choose from, but most importantly these have the longest battery life. You should get approximately 6-8 hours from this battery. Of course, that all depends on just how much you pull from it. For some, it can last days, and for others it may last 4 hours. The eGo series batteries are also manual, which means there is a button you push as you pull the vapor. There a decent number of tank (clearomizer) options for the eGo series as well. The most popular tank is our ce5. This tank has a wick system, and allows you to change just the atomizer head with the wicks when they need to be changed. It saves you from having to buy a completely new tank.

If you smoke less than 1½ packs a day, you might consider our 510T. This is a much slimmer battery, closer to the width of a regular cigarette. This is a 3 piece system that has a battery, atomizer, and a cartridge that holds your eJuice. The battery life for the 510 is approximately 5-6 hours, but note that this type of battery is for a lighter smoker. This system has a cartridge which is much smaller than the ones you can use for the eGo series.